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5 Star Blue E-Liquid Pocket Pack

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Product Description


Package Includes:

1 Rechargable Battery

1 Refillable Cartomizers (approximately equivalent to 40 cigarettes)

1 USB Charger

1 Traditional Tobacco 10ml E-Liquid

 Package Features:

1 190mAh Rechargable Battery

1 Refillable Cartomizer with plastic tip that can be smoked for up to 400 puffs (approx 40 cigarettes)

2.4% Nicotine

Traditional Tobacco E-Liquid


The Pocket Pack

Mister Smoke Pocket Packs are designed to be a complete solution to the purchase of an electronic cigarette.

Our Pocket Packs come in a variety of brands and flavours. Mister Smoke E-Cigs use micro-technology to produce the finest quality alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. Our E-Liquid is specially blended to exacting standards to give a smooth tasting and high vapour smoking experience without many of the dangerous substances contained in traditional tobacco.  

Mister Smoke Pocket Packs that are offered on this website have many different flavours, from tobacco flavours to fruit flavours. The cartomizer in this Pocket Pack is empty and needs to be filled with the liquid provided. Screw onto the battery and you're ready to go. 

Our Pocket Packs include a USB charger so that the battery can be charged at any time by plugging it into a computer or laptop. An adapter to charge the battery from a mains socket is also available in the Accessories category.

Once the vapour is weak and no longer holds the taste, the cartomizer will need to be refilled. Simply unscrew the cartomizer, fill with a few drops of the e-liquid and screw back on. 


The E-Cigarette

The E-Cigarette is made primarily of 2 components, the battery and the cartomizer. The battery simply screws on to the end of the cartomizer to give you an e-cigarette that can be used in the same fashion as an ignitable cigarette.  The cartomizer is where the flavour is held, in the Pocket Packs there are 3 cartomizers, each being the approximate equivalent to 40 cigarettes each, about 400 puffs, depending on your smoking style. When drawing air through the e-cigarette, it causes the heating element to activate, which lights the LED tip and produces the inhalable vapour in the chosen flavour.


E-Cig Usage Tips

As the e-cig comes in a variety of flavours and brands, it is important to find the right one to suit the needs of the smoker. Many traditional cigarette smokers will find the variety of tobacco flavours appealing and will be familiar with this flavour when first using an e-cig. Other flavours, like the fruit flavours, will be a bit of fun for the occasional smoker.

With a variety of nicotine strengths also available with the Pocket Packs, there will be a strength to suit all, right down to 0% for the non-traditional smoker, or the traditional smoker wanting to cut right down.

An e-cig is smoked the same way as a traditional cigarette, the vapour can be light, or a thicker vapour can be created by taking a few strong puffs quickly, followed by a long puff.

There are also choices when it comes to the type of battery used on an e-cig. There are the automatic batteries like the ones in this Pocket Pack, which are great for hands free tasking and a first time user. The alternative is the manual battery, which gives the user a greater control and a thicker vapour. The manual battery has a small button that needs to be pushed to activate the battery and take a puff, leading to a thicker, smoother vapour.

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